Communication - What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

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Did you know that the words you use only have a 7% impact on your communication? Read this article to find out what impacts your communication the most, and how you can use it to your advantage in influencing others.

Yes, it's true that your words only have a 7% impact your communication. Your tone of voice only amounts to another 38%, and here's the big factor that influences your communication... your non-verbal body language. It amounts to a whopping 55% impact on the message you are trying to communicate.

What is Body Language?

Body language means the way you sit or stand, move and look. Without body language your conversations will be boring and less effective. Worse yet, if your body language and your words aren't congruent you may be sending mixed messages. Here are powerful nonverbal communication skills you can use immediately to add clarity and vitality to your conversations at your school.

To Look Confident Use Good Posture

Standing with good posture makes you look more self assured and believable. In addition to looking confident, how you stand in relation to the other person is very important. Carefully observe other people around you. You might be surprised at how many people are speaking to someone while their bodies are turned away from that person.

While standing side by side may disconnect you from your partner, standing directly face-to-face may seem confrontational. Therefore it is best to stand or sit at an angle toward the other person. In addition, sitting or standing at the same eye-level with your partner sends a signal that you are equals and lessens any feelings of intimidation.

Whether sitting or standing, using good posture reflects your confidence and causes others to pay more attention to your message.

Are You Too Close?

Pay attention to how close you are to another person. Some people feel very comfortable with physical closeness while others may be offended when people get too close. Many cultures also place limitations on physical closeness. If you sense that someone feels uncomfortable put a little more space between you.

Gestures Add More Meaning to Your Conversation

Gesturing with your hands adds life and meaning to your message. Practice in front of a mirror using your hands to emphasize important points. The proper gestures will start to happen naturally. When not gesturing, let your hands naturally drop to your sides. Be careful not to cross your arms because that signals anger or a lack or openness. Don't point your index finger at anyone because that is threatening, and don't play with your clothing, jewellery, or pencils, as this is distracting.

To Be More Persuasive, Pay More Attention to your Body Language

Remember the 55% impact created by your body language. Each day try to use some of these body language skills to improve your nonverbal communication. As a result, others will find you more enjoyable to talk to, and your communications will become more persuasive, more interesting, and more effective.

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Communication - What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

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This article was published on 2010/04/22