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Body language contains volumes. If you have a message for Mr. Right, your future boyfriend / husband / soul mate / lover, it is important to being convincing. Which ways for your body language to express this? Can you give him any secret signals through body language?


Dating is difficult enough. You want to make a guy fall in love with you and make him commit to you. But then you attract men who are looking for a sexual hook up; a fling, an affair; or friends with benefits arrangements. If your body language is accurate you may be able to avoid these situations.


Facial Gestures Are Important A smile when you see him is the best one. If your face is neutral when you see him, your body language is saying that you have no feelings for him one way or another.


Arch Your Eyebrows If this is a man that you want to know better (warning: make sure that you know who he is. Never pick up strangers.) Arching the eyebrows is a strong way to let him know that he matters to you. Eyebrows are very important to body language.


Do Not Gaze Around the Room When He is Speaking You can let your gaze move around his face, but not around the room. Even if his gaze wanders, you can not allow yours to do so. This will send the message that you do not care about what he is saying.


Tilt Your Head If you tilt your head when he speaks, it says that you are listening intently. He will understand that he and his thoughts are important to him. This will strengthen his attraction to you.


Body Position is Crucial Whether you are standing or sitting, you want to be facing him. This tells him that you are open to his advances. If you sit or stand sideways, your body language will be saying that you are cutting him off. Absolutely do not ever sit or stand with your back turned to him; even across the room.


Hands on Hips are a No-No When you have your hands on your hips it says that you are angry or that you strongly disagree. If that is the message that you want him to have, ok. But that is not the body language of love.


Where are Your Arms? Are they crossed in front of you? This gives a message that you have taken a strong stand against something about him. This is not the way to get a romance going.


Where are Your Hands? When you speak to him, you should use one of your hands to touch him, just lightly, on the arm or shoulder. Your touch is a powerful body language tool that sends a message of bonding to him.


Body Language -

Make sure that your body is sending a message of welcome. Make sure that your signals are all on green - give him the go ahead to pursue you. Body language speaks. Make yours say yes.


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Body Language - Speak The Secret Signals of Love

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This article was published on 2010/08/06
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